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Oops Again

Oops Again published on 4 Comments on Oops Again

UPDATE (8/11/16): Sorry, guys. Going through some personal things. Nothing you need to know or worry about but it’s proving to be a bit of a hindrance. Don’t worry, this is not the end! But I do need to postpone the comic that’s supposed to bee here until Monday. And it very possibly will feature a guest colorist! We will see. After that, two week hiatus so I can come back recharged and hopefully with my stuff together.

The comic’s gonna be late this week because I am moving and ran out of time. Sorry! I am shooting to have it up by Wednesday. In the meantime, the above is my first attempt at the Tragon. There were like 10 between that and the final product. After Wednesday, I am going to take a brief (two week) hiatus to build my buffer back up, recharge the creative batteries, and practice my drawing skills. I will try and run a couple of guest strips if I can get permission from the writers so keep checking back! Also if you wanna draw me a guest strip, now is the time.

In another note that I assure you is COMPLETELY unrelated, if you play Elder Scrolls Online on the North American server, e-mail me with your @account_name if you wanna be ESO buddies. Especially if you’re Dominion and ESPECIALLY if you PVP on the Azura’s Star campaign.

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