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76: It’s A Real Thing

76: It’s A Real Thing published on 6 Comments on 76: It’s A Real Thing

Happy New Years! Let’s hope 2017 sucks less.

Sorry this took me so long–I’ve been going through some things I won’t get into. I’m hoping to resume normal updates shortly, but I still have no buffer so maybe I should build that up first. Also next comic is scheduled to be a double-length, and it’s one I’ve been visualizing in my head for a very long time so I will want it to look just right. So hopefully that will be ready by Monday but we will see.

If you’re still here, thanks for your patience! Special thanks also to those who tweeted, messaged, or otherwise contacted me inquiring about the state of the next update. Without that encouragement it’s very likely it would have been another three months.

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