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70: The Intersection

70: The Intersection published on 6 Comments on 70: The Intersection

This comic gives me an idea for a new character named Talon Ted. This is also the first time I have ever used thought bubbles. Usually my characters don’t think.

Once again, thanks to my friend Bleke for helping me re-think the way I draw Toby. He’s not perfect yet, but he’s getting better and for now I will take that.

The Webcomic Underdogs forum is an awesome community for anyone who makes comics or is just interested in maybe making them someday. Since I have found them, I no longer bug my real-life friends to start their own comics. Well, not too often. Anyway it’s a very open and welcoming community full of incredibly supportive and just plain cool people.

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Who is Toby trying to feel? Friend of Tree?

*Makes a note to be more specific with pronouns* Yep, Tree’s friend. All beings connected and Toby, being a dweller of the tunnel system, is more connected to the trees than Crow is. It’s how he felt the summons referred to in last week’s strip. So he should feel Tree’s friend, because they are nearing the right location, but he doesn’t.

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