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66: Like Dr. Mole-vin Monroe

66: Like Dr. Mole-vin Monroe published on 2 Comments on 66: Like Dr. Mole-vin Monroe

Toby doesn’t talk to other people very much.

So you may have noticed that I now have Adsense ads too.  I’m still looking at what kind of ads I want to allow–more allowed of course means more revenue.  I have disallowed medicine-selling ads because they are gross and probably shady, and get-rich quick ads because they are probably shady.  I wouldn’t want any of my readers getting ripped off because of an ad they saw here.  Let me know (via comments or email) if you see anything you find gross or shady and if I agree I’ll block it.

In other news, I have been playing around with the site design, trying to make it simpler and cleaner.  I wish I didn’t need so many widgets, but I need all the ones I have.  I changed the navigation bar to icons instead of text because they take up less space.  I think it looks better and is also more mobile friendly.  There are certain limitations to what I can do, but if you have feedback on the site design I’ll hear that too.

As always, thanks for reading!

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