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64: My Title Guy Called In Sick Today

64: My Title Guy Called In Sick Today published on 4 Comments on 64: My Title Guy Called In Sick Today

Poor Toby.  He already is getting annoyed with Crow’s puns–he has no idea what he’s in for.

On the advice of an Internet friend / reader who you may know as “Ol’ Foody Can Ned,” I reconsidered how to draw the roof and ceiling of The Under-root.  Hopefully it looks more like the interior of a giant root system now.  But I’ve never seen the interior of a giant root system and thus needed to use some imagination.

Panel 4 is the first time I’ve drawn Crow without using a reference photo, or at least a previously drawn strip, in a long time.  I think it turned out okay.  It’s funny–the process is remarkably similar to how I used to draw him at the start.  Really only a couple of slight changes make a big difference.  Anyway if I can draw him well without a reference I will, because it gives me more flexibility.

Next Monday happens to be Reincrownation’s first anniversary! I have a special but still in canon strip planned.

Go Sharks!

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Or Alfred Mole-ina? (that was the actor who played the villain in Spider-Man 2 against Toby).
Good job drawing without a reference.

Two Moles in one movie? Crazy! I only ever saw the first one of those. I think that was shortly before Wolverine: Origins made me give up on superhero movies for a time.

Well, there was no reason for you to loose your head about it, it’s not like the command was even aimed at you :P

Also, truth be told, suspension of belief must be turned quite high for me to allow animals just to walk around some tree’s root system, nevertheless if you want references to extrapolate from… I’m sitting on a trove of them, figuratively of course…

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