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59: Now In Stereochrome!

59: Now In Stereochrome! published on 7 Comments on 59: Now In Stereochrome!

If you’ve never seen pictures of a crow riding an eagle, google it. I don’t think they do it for the ride so much as as part of fending them off, but it is still badass.

I made some Webcomic friends. Mateys and1060nm. They’re both funny and quirky so if you’ve been enjoying Reincrownation you will probably like them too.

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Nice one! A tiny bit of yellow makes a world of difference!

Also, friends \o/ Seems like now they’re *crow…ling* out of the woodwork… :D :x

Thanks! Yeah I was shading it in and suddenly I was struck by the urge to color in just his eye. I may start doing that more often as it’s pretty easy with colored pencils. We’ll see.

And… nice one xD*

*ReinCrow may steal any plays on words made here or in person in his presence

I think if I were a crow, that’d be like the first thing on my list to learn. I bet you’d earn a lot of street cred, I mean sky cred by doing that. :)
Thanks for the mention in your author comment section.

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