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58: Hence the Chapter Title

58: Hence the Chapter Title published on 4 Comments on 58: Hence the Chapter Title

Frame within a frame.  I thought it might look cool and I think it turned out. I wanted to draw most of tree and still do a close-up on Crow.  Really proud of the leaves hanging near Crow’s head.  Usually I would have put his dialog bubble up and to the right but I didn’t want to obscure those leaves.

I noticed I was getting a few hits from stumbleupon so I added the badge to the right which is supposed to increase that. Do me a favor and click it if you have and/or want to create a stumble upon account?

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Methinks the close–up framing works best if the object is also visible outside said frame. That way you get a sense of surroundings.
Of course, that wasn’t really what you were trying to achieve here, so this is a suggestion for future pages or so.

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