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50: Half of One Hundred

50: Half of One Hundred published on 2 Comments on 50: Half of One Hundred

Crow in panel 2 is pretty close to how I want to draw him.  I’m not sure if this is clear, but Tree has always been an oak.  In panel 4 I spent some time trying to get him to look more oak-ish.  I need to look at more guides and more reference photos for next time, though.

It’s pretty fulfilling seeing myself progress as an artist, but the time investment is getting to be quite a bit.  It now takes me a couple of hours to draw one panel, and this is how long it used to take me to  draw the whole comic.  This is why I haven’t been able to get my buffer back up.

I added new panel edges but they got a bit messed up.  I fixed it in my file but wordpress is being silly and not seeing the updated version.  Oh well.

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