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48: The Big Question

48: The Big Question published on 2 Comments on 48: The Big Question

Thanks for reading.  I know Reincrownation is a silly little comic, but it makes me happy to know that people read it.  Even if only a few people read it.  I’m working on some good story arcs and some character development, so stay tuned.

Crow in panel 4 is pretty close to how I want to draw him.  I didn’t get the angle of the head exactly right.

A week ago I tried to get new tires for my car.  Apparently it has a different size in back, and they are hard to find.  So I had Pep Boys special order a pair and they were supposed to call me “In a few days” when they came in.  I went out last night and got home around 1AM.  This morning (well I say morning but really it was around 1:30PM I think) when I was going out to go grocery shopping, my rear right tire was flat.  I called Pep Boys again, held for 20 minutes, hung up, and called again.  It turns out that the tires they had special ordered were on national back order, meaning it could take as long as six months.  Only the guy who special ordered them for me didn’t think to tell me that.  Anyway, they found another size that could work, so I called AAA to have it towed there.  I could have put on thee spare, but it would have taken a few hours and they closed at six, so time was against me.  The AAA driver was awesome–he got there really fast, and ended up just putting the spare on for me, which was really quick.  It turns out my tires didn’t just wear out; I had driven over a nail at some point last night.  So it’s a good thing the special ordered tires never came in, because then it would have been one of THOSE with a nail in it.  So I ended up wandering around for like 4 hours while they put on my new tires.  I got Taco Bell, coffee, and spent like $60 at a Barnes and Noble.  Anyway, it’s been quite a day.  I’m tired.

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