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41: Branching Out

41: Branching Out published on No Comments on 41: Branching Out

Sorry this one is so late–first I forgot my buffer was out so I thought I had one ready when I didn’t.  I was at my sister’s and it was too late to do anything but draw.  So I had the strip all drawn when I got home, and THEN my laptop didn’t work.  It’s actually easier to work on my desktop, but I hadn’t managed to get my scanner working in Ubuntu on it.  I managed to get that all sorted out just now, and I guess I should always use this PC because there is so much more screen real estate.  It’s nice not having to move windows around just to access the tools I need.

My brother and his wife got me this fantastic set of pens, and really nice paper for Christmas, both of which I used here.  The pens make doing large, dark fill areas much faster, and they make them look better too.  So I figured since I was upgrading my tools I should upgrade my art a bit also, and spent some time doing a fancier sky than usual.  Over the next few strips there will be nicer tree bark, and I am once again re-figuring how to draw Crow realistically.  I almost have it, but his current belly is more robin than crow.  I just need to get the length and the curve right.  Also I’m still working on getting those feathers right.

People keep asking me if Rock can really talk or if Tree is  just messing with Crow.  This story-line should answer that question definitely.

Happy New Year!  And thanks for reading.  2016 should be an interesting year story-wise.

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