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4: Yeah, That Sounds Pine

4: Yeah, That Sounds Pine published on 2 Comments on 4: Yeah, That Sounds Pine

I’m trying a new format. When I conceived this comic I had the idea in my head, for some reason, that I wanted to do it all on index cards. The first two strips are the results of that. I decided it was a stupid idea though. I made a google drive document with the panels on it that I can just print out. So this one is bigger and my panels are neater. Also I’m testing out the scheduling feature of webcomic. It should go live automatically Monday at midnight.


Tree: You seem a little lost.
Crow: Yeah, I was recently reincarnated. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
Tree: Well, you are welcome to stay here. A lovely, two-branch apartment.
Tree: All wood flooring.
Crow: Sounds oak-ay.

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