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38: Squeak,

38: Squeak, published on No Comments on 38: Squeak,

December 14, 2015

This time I tried making a watercolor pen out of an empty pilot G2. It took hours and didn’t really work. I did ink most of the first 3 panels with it and then gave up. Turns out regular ink and watercolor works out fine.

The victim was supposed to be another mouse but I drew him too big, so I guess he’s a rat. Or a mouse rat.

Items to add to the list of things that can look different from panel to panel because of changes in the wind: cardboard boxes, cats, rats, and Bat Mouse.

This is it for Bat Mouse for now. I was going to go further into the storyline, but it involved drawing more cats and as it turns out that is a pain. Crow is going to have a new adventure, and we will learn more about Bat Mouse later. This is also helping me to feel inspired to write and draw again–this new chapter leads to another chapter which leads to ANOTHER chapter that I’m really excited about.

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