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37: Don’t We All

37: Don’t We All published on 4 Comments on 37: Don’t We All

December 7, 2015

Happy December!  I’m trying a few different things here–I hope the change isn’t too jarring.  I realized that watercoloring doesn’t take any more time than shading with ink, which is always an arduous process.  So I might just start always doing it–we’ll see.

I also switched up the way I draw Crow.  It’s still not perfect, but I’m working on it.

Lastly, I tried not inking–instead I pencilled first (as always) and did my “inking” with a fine watercolor brush.  I thought it might look more consistent, but the result was less control, so my lines are a little crazy looking.  I think next time I’ll ink first and then watercolor.

Overall, I think it’s an improvement.  Hope you agree.

EDIT: Okay uh I decided that didn’t work. Next week I am going to say some stuff about a watercolor pen. Which also didn’t work. So I went back and re-did this one the new-ish way of drawing, but this time I inked Crow. I got new watercolors and they’re not exactly the same, so I haven’t quite figured out the right mixes of colors. Anyway if you want to make fun of me you can check out the first version of this strip here.

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