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26: A Beak By Any Other Name…

26: A Beak By Any Other Name… published on No Comments on 26: A Beak By Any Other Name…

I thought this was going to be relatively easy.  Drawing two crows was actually quite a bit of work, and I was getting tired of it!  Unfortunately, I forgot how to draw Tree.

I have a nice buffer up again, which is a good thing.  But I hate feeling like this week’s comic is not as good as what I have coming.  I am proud of my drawing of Crow coming in for a landing in the first panel, even if I messed up the proportions just a bit.  My usual rule of thumb is that he should be around the same size as the hollow.  I guess I got that wrong a few times in this comic OH WELL.

I have been experimenting with placing ads for Reincrownation using Project Wonderful, because I am trying to expand my reader base, of which right now I’m currently about half (If you’re reading this, you’re the other half :P).  I got a few clicks for free!  And I paid a small amount to have my ads posted on a couple of my favorite web comics.  So that was cool.  Probably not economically viable, but fun.  Once I hit 30 strips I can apply to host my own ads, which would be nice.  I know I won’t ever be able to quit my full time job (and nor would I want to) but it would be nice to at least partially offset the cost of hosting.  Then again my hosting is currently dirt cheap and if my advertising works I might have to upgrade it some day.

This is the longest I have ever blogged here.  Partially because there is so much time between when I post the comics and when they go live I feel like anything I say will be outdated by the time it’s readable.  But I’m actually updating this post the Sunday before.  Maybe I will try to get into that habit so long as I have THINGS to say.

Next Week:  Tumbleweed Bill!

Coming Soon:  BATMOUSE.  Yep, you read that right.

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