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Reincrownation Update

Reincrownation Update published on 4 Comments on Reincrownation Update

Since a few have inquired as to the comic’s status and I have been conservative with helpful information, I thought I would take a moment to clarify. I have been struggling with a few personal issues. I won’t get specific, because frankly I don’t see this as a space to vent my personal drama. I feel comfortable stating, though, that the things I’m dealing with are nothing major. However, they are of mental health and economic natures, meaning they have a profound impact on my daily life and on my ability to get any drawing or writing done.

The good news is that I fully plan on going back to weekly updates once I feel the motivation to do so, which I’m hoping will be sooner rather than later. Currently I’m drawing a house that looks like a crashed ship, because that image popped into my head and I had to try and capture it. I’m on draft number six and it’s getting progressively better. Plus I learned about two-point perspective–It’s so much easier than relying on guesswork. I’m wondering if applying quick 3D backgrounds might be both less time consuming and more visually appealing than my usual background scribbles. I’m also wondering what else I’m relying on trial-and-error for that some simple technique could improve, because it turns out that 2-point is really pretty basic.

So I’m practicing and learning and growing as an artist. Reincrownation will be back, and hopefully in a few months, and hopefully better than ever. In the meantime I will post any drawings I do that come out half-way decent.

I could not do this without my readers. I keep an eye on my traffic and it’s generally pretty obvious when someone reads through the entire archives, and nothing makes me happier. Except your comments. So I take this chance to thank everyone who has ever read Reincrownation, and everyone who has ever expressed their appreciation and support. When I started doing this I honestly thought I would need pretty thick skin to post my 3rd-grade style drawings, but I’m actually yet to receive a single mean-spirited comment. It’s all been supportive and kind and generous and encouraging, and if the right sequence of words exists to express my gratitude for that it would take a far greater writer than me to find it.

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